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How God makes himself known

How God makes himself known

If God wants to communicate with the people of the world he’s created, how will he do it? Lights in the sky? Huge celestial loudspeakers? A note from above? What we believe he did is something simple and profound – he became one of us.

Philip Yancey, the writer, talks about fish…

The arduous demands of aquarium management have taught me to appreciate what is involved in running a universe based on dependable physical laws.  To my fish I am deity, and one who does not hesitate to intervene.  I balance the salts and trace elements in their water.  No food enters their tank unless I retrieve it from my freezer and drop it in.  They would not live a day without the electrical gadget that brings oxygen to the water.

Often the most gracious acts go unnoticed or even cause resentment.  As for direct intervention, that is never simple, in universes large or small.

I often long for a way to communicate with those small-brained water-dwellers.  Out of ignorance, they perceive me as a constant threat.  I cannot convince them of my true concern.  I am too large for them, my actions too incomprehensible.  My acts of mercy they see as cruelty; my attempts at healing they view as destruction.  To change their perceptions would require a form of incarnation.  I would need to become a fish.

God became like one of us in order to relate to us and show us the way to him.

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